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Next on-site sale is March 17, 2018






Library Shelf Sale - Bookcart supplement

 On-site Booksale Results for Recent Years

Nov 4 & 5 - $5768.51 
May 6 & 7 - $5,647.78 
Jan - $1831
Nov - $4,704.65 
Sept - $2142.11 
May - $6,757.04 
March - $1,617 
Nov - $3,637.28 
May - $7605.90 
March - $1750.98 



Friends sales are in major categories described below.   

Daily "Ongoing" Shelf sale in the Library

FAL sells a variety of interesting books including Kids, picture, topical, holiday-themed, mystery, etc on the library shelf just across from the checkout desk.  Most of these books look like they first did at the bookstore, but many are just $1!  Come and check them out whenever the library is open, inventory changes most days.

CRV "Collectible, Rare, Vintage"

These are typically older and unique items ranging in price from $2 to $hundreds.  Check publicity for scheduled sales to find out if CRV is offered - usually it is at the May and November sales. 

Friends Online Sales 24 hours a day

FAL benefits from more valuable books sold online.  These books go to buyers all over the world.  Sample titles and sales prices:

Maasai $19.90

Special Relativity $21.25

Vector and Tensor Analysis $29.75

Psychopathology: A Competency-Based Model $53.90

Radiology of the Small Intestine: $24